Küppersbusch shows „joblings“ new opportunities

Küppersbusch Food Service Equipment has devoted its own training centre for 3 days completely to serve the „practical learning“ of the joblings. A group of seven young adults could get a glance of the profession of a cook during this time of cutting, cooking and laughing a lot.  

„During the projects of practical learning the young adults shall leave their comfort zone – admit to new things and make new experience. We are going for purpose to more creative contents such as kitchens as this means a special obstacle to the young people due to a lack of experience with it. They shall realise that they can admit to new things and even recognise afterwards that they have enjoyed it“, Raphael Karrasch, regional manager of Joblings gAG Ruhr, explains the background of the project. During the three days of the projects the joblings have been followed up by the kitchen expert and sales manager Jörg Arnold. „Many of them are quite surprised when they see professional kitchen appliances for the first time and are allowed to operate them“, says Arnold.   

Nice side effect of the project: the food produced was served on the occasion of a „flying dinner“ at the inauguration of their new rooms.