Innovative pass-through combi steamer with many advantages

  • 1 door on the perpetration kitchen side, 1 door on the service side: practical for placing in the partition wall
  • no cross over of work flows so it makes for shorter work flows
  • 2way-system ensures better hygiene through strict separation of raw and cooked food
  • smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces of glass and stainless steel
  • ideal for hot food counters in supermarkets and food server systems in canteens and dining halls

Simple to operate using the touch function

  • specify cooking processes, temperatures and times manually – simple and quick
  • consistently good cooking results with cooking programs, start right away with 170 field-tested programs from the manufacturer
  • unique: with the ConvectAir2WAY App for Android™* create cooking programs simply on the tablet and transfer to any ConvectAir2WAY via USB stick
  • select product, set designed result: AutoCooking automatically selects the right cooking process
  • flawless results with ClimaPerfect: moisture control from 0 to 100 % via an integrated moisture sensor
  • with the LevelTimer, cook up to two different products per rack runner simultaneously right on the mark
  • cooking programs, HACCP protocols or software updates: with USB port always up to date

ConvectAir steam systems

Fresh steam generation in the cooking chamber

  • standard features in the ConvectAir2WAY
  • the steam is available immediately and ensures that the food does not dry out

Hybrid steam system

  • always full steam ahead; two top grade steam systems in one appliance
  • ideally combines the advantages of fresh steam generation in the cooking chamber with those of the steam generator
  • save standby costs; the hybrid steam system only activates the steam generator for selected cooking methods
  • whether steaming with saturated steam or combined cooking with an optimal steam content, the ConvectAir2WAY hybrid steam system is always right on the mark



TurboDrive cleaning system

  • fully automatic cleaning with the TurboDrive cleaning system
  • ConvectCleanPlus 2 in 1: liquid detergent and rinse aid in one - up to 75 % cheaper***
  • 5 cleaning programs adapted to your requirements with automatic dispensing of 2 in 1 water and liquid detergent
  • practical, safe and hygienic handling, economical use

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
** The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
*** Compared to cleaning cartridges (according to Manufacturer Price List 2013)