Multifunctional tilting bratt pan:

All functions convenient to control

KCI control, semi-automatic cleaning – convenient and quick to control

The electronic  KCI control – KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence – guides you clearly and simply through all steps and is also easy to control by your staff. The semi-automatic cleaning mode via integrated water intake makes your work easier and for a short cleaning in-between, the retractable shower hose is on stand-by. Just chose the right cleaning programme and adjust it to your needs, be it temperature, volume or time.

Convenient cleaning, easy to adjust thanks to KCI control

The new multifunctional tilting bratt pans FEP 650 and FEP 950 from Küppersbusch are simple and carefree to control. KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence makes it happen.

  • Operated intuitively – electronic KCI control as standard
  • Consistent control logic on all appliances of the PremiumLine 850 series
  • Brilliant display with big icons and figures as well as a clear menu - also visible from a bigger distance
  • 3-layer, easy to clean safety glass, sturdy holder, robust casing – protection of the KCI display against all dangers in the frantic daily kitchen business
  • Proactive work: integrated preselection of starting time – day, hour, cooking time, volume of water, temperature and performance can be adjusted 3 days in advance by KCI control
  • Water intake of cold, warm and mixed water accurate to a litre
  • Versatile, easy to adjust cleaning programmes - from normal to intensive
  • Automatic stop after programme has ended
  • Easy to empty - motor tilting function by touch control
  • Integrated, retractable shower hose for a quick rinsing of the pan
  • Clean finish – bottom unit as an H2 hygienic model as standard



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