Deep Fat Fryers

Deep-frying station

  • fully automatic deep-frying programs via KCI control
  • 18 pre-set, individually changeable one-step programs
  • automatic lifting and lowering unit
  • integrated oil filtration

Deep Frying Station.pdf

Deep fat fryers

  • deep basin(s), seamlessly welded into the top
  • controlled by thermostat 100 °C – 195 °C
  • 4.35 Watt / cm2 heating surface, providing long fry-life of fat
  • drained via ball valve R 1 ½"
  • power automatically cut off when the heating elements are swung out
  • safety temperature limiter
  • operation via control knob
  • melting setting for gentle heating

Deep fat fryers.pdf

Large deep fat fryers

  • basin seamlessly welded into top
  • tubular heating elements made of nickel-chromium steel AISI 321
  • electronic control 100 °C – 195 °C
  • automatic lifting and lowering mechanism

Large deep fat fryers.pdf

Chip scuttle

  • operation via control knob
  • basin seamlessly welded into top
  • controlled by thermostat 100 °C – 195 °C
  • open cupboard underneath
  • infrared radiant heating element

Chip scuttle.pdf

Automatic deep fat fryer

  • Automatic cooker for deep-frying products
  • Continuous throughput on wire mesh made of nickel-chromium steel 1.4301
  • Temperature range of 120 °C – 195 °C with a safety temperature limiter
  • Adjustable processing speed
  • Adjustable oil level
  • Electronic control and RS485 interface
  • Contacts for power optimisation and voltage-free contact to the remote signals and for signals to the fire-extinguishing system
  • Grease discharge through 1 ½" drain valve
  • Adjustable discharge slide made of nickel-chromium steel, length 600 mm

Automatic deep fat fryer.pdf