Automatic cookers

For large crowds

Küppersbusch automatic cookers operate in the centre of successful institutional food facilities all over the world. And it is more than their size that makes them number one. Exceptional quality, durability and above all enormous efficiency ensure that you will have a permanent place in canteens and set-meal facilities serving at least 1,500 portions. Professional powerhouses get down to frying and deep-frying with efficiency that is hard to beat – so that even the planning stage will be a success. Each automatic cooker will blend in with any institutional catering concept – freely installed in the centre of a kitchen or installed against a wall.

Küppersbusch automatic cookers: Excellent capacities.

Automatic fryers

Capacity, power, flexibility:
EBA automatic fryers.

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Automatic deep-fat fryers

More? Gladly!
EFA automatic deep-fat fryers.

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