Individual masterpieces

Individual range systems are the current trend. They best meet workflow requirements in modern kitchens. Küppersbusch offers even more with its Palmarium gourmet ranges. Customers can configure the "masterpieces", the Latin equivalent of their name "Palmarium", most individually. The required appliances thus find the ideal place in kitchen workflows. Even an induction hob above an oven is no obstacle. Putting together combi-line 750 and premium-line 850 appliances means infinite options for combining them into the required range system, enabling the system to be ideally adapted to given kitchen conditions in terms of size and appearance. 

Innovative appliance functions can be combined, for example individual induction hobs which operate independently of one another, pass-through ovens, deep fat fryers with a lifting and lowering mechanism and fryers with a unique DUPLEX NON-STICK surface, fold-down shelves and add-on shelves, rails, fittings, lighting, sockets and storage shelves for Salamander or convect-air Piccolo combination ovens. The dominant feature of the individually configured one-piece-top range is its all-in-one hygiene top plate.

Anyone who possesses a masterpiece like this will want to show it off – and a Küppersbusch Palmarium is well worth looking at! This fact has now also been confirmed by the international red dot design award jury. In 2011, a Palmarium gourmet range was the first thermal appliance in canteen kitchens to receive a prestigious red dot design award. Competition for a red dot design award is the biggest, most renowned design competition, with almost 14,000 applications being submitted from 68 countries in 2010.

The design sets standards and is distinguished by its clear, consistent shape. Its style is exceptional while at the same time fully meeting the hygiene and ergonomic requirements of open kitchens in hotels and restaurants.


Individual feats