Tasty & speedy.

The same guests every day? A typical challenge for employee restaurants. Never-ending stress in the kitchen? Daily pressure to be creative? Top quality at all times? Top-notch events? Economic viability? Küppersbusch will help you to face any challenge. For example with modular kitchen technology. Or with mobile front-cooking appliances, combination ovens and automatic cookers. Or with sophisticated food serving lines. And always with perfection in a full solution.


More on offer, lower costs.

The same guests every day. Hungry for variety and with an appetite for something new. And with a good portion of cost pressure too. Employee restaurants will all be familiar with this situation. On top of all of this, unskilled staff members frequently cause problems with quality. One of the best answers is the Convect-Air combination oven. It combines easy operation and a high degree of efficiency. Every appliance benefits from the yearlong experience of the pioneer of combination cooking: sophisticated, first-class, innovative kitchen technology for the fastest operation flows at the least expense and effort. The ovens come in Professional, Comfort and Basic models to provide just the right solution for any employee restaurant, with first-class gas blower technology or heated up with electricity, for medium-sized companies or for the corporate headquarters. An integrated cook book, simple handling and a sophisticated hygiene concept put an end to nerve-racking routine work. If required, the AutoCookingSystem will even carry out full cooking processes.

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Premium-Line 850

Best quality for companies.

Professional kitchens catering for employee restaurants need to be able to grow and adapt to changing requirements. Premium-Line offers this flexibility: the easy-to-plan, solidly built, 850-mm deep modules will blend in with any modern concept in catering for employees. All of the appliances, surfaces and control elements have been designed to fulfil sophisticated demands and to give everything they've got. Free-standing on feet, Niro-Z or a customer base, as wall-mounted or bridge constructions with a floor clearance of at least 300 mm, the CNS modules are connected with U-shaped channels, profile coverings or all-in-one, joint-free worktops – always clean and always hygienic. 112 free-standing and 78 wall-mounted appliances, from frying plates to pressure bratt pans, speed up working processes and take the workload off staff members. Best design, great functionality and ergonomics and a comprehensive hygiene concept all go towards making the Premium-Line ideal in medium-sized and large employee restaurants.

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Combi-Line 750

More flexibility? With pleasure.

Small and medium-sized professional kitchens and employee restaurants need a generous extra portion of flexibility. The extremely easy-to-combine Combi-Line provides even more than this. The appliances full individual wishes and requirements in modern employee restaurants and also offer extra flexibility – and costs are kept low too. The Combi-line has been tried-and-tested for practical use. A tailor-made, 750-mm deep professional kitchen with six different installation possibilities, joint-free connections between the modules and a choice of electrical or gas operation. The all-in-one worktop is an outstanding feature of all of the Combi-Line appliances. A well-blended, hygienic surface for efficient, fast and pleasant working – and for satisfied guests who are more than happy to come back every day.

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Single appliances

Something for specialists.

With its comprehensive range of specially-developed individual appliances, Küppersbusch offers ideal supplements for sophisticated professional kitchens. Modern slot-in pressure steamers ensure that you can react both professionally and casually to peak capacity times. The innovative, powerful Vario mixer kettles take on even the heaviest of tasks and traditional dwarf boilers provide additional cooking capacity in no time at all. Specialisation does not mean that the individual appliances do not have the typical Küppersbusch features: first-class workmanship, easy handling and absolute durability.

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