Selecting quantities and dishes to serve.

Cooking in institutional food facilities needs more. More dishes. More quality. More efficiency.
Are you also looking for the ideal overall solution under the motto of "more"?
Are yearlong experience and innovativeness decisive for you? Do you wish to optimise processes in your professional kitchen with high-performance state-of-the-art technology? If you do, Küppersbusch has all of the right answers. From combination ovens to pressure cooking methods, automatic cookers, food serving lines and refrigeration technology.


The stress manager.

Cost pressure reduced and quality problems caused by unskilled staff minimised: Convect-Air combination ovens will make this dream come true. They combine easy handling with a high degree of efficiency – after all, every appliance bears the full experience of the pioneer of combination cooking technology. Sophisticated, top-quality, innovative kitchen technology speeds up the flow of operations and saves cash too. The ovens come in Professional, Comfort and Basic models, with gas blower technology or heated with electricity, so that the right appliance is available for any conceivable concept in institutional food catering: in canteens, in hospitals and care facilities and everywhere where professionalism and efficiency count. An integrated recipe book, easy handling and a sophisticated hygiene concept limit time and effort to a minimum. Even unskilled assistants will easily find their way through all of the functions – without any costly seminars. And besides: if required, the AutoCookingSystem will even carry out full cooking processes.

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Premium-Line 850

Impressive professionalism.

With the Premium-Line even the planning stage is a perfect example of efficiency: the modular construction makes the most of every single square centimetre. It takes only one glance to see that this is a big line. Every element in this "heavy" series has been tried-and-tested for practical use. Premium-Line will get down to work flexibly thanks to the intelligent construction and first-class workmanship. As floor-mounted appliances on feet, Niro-Z or on a customer base, installed on a wall or as a bridge construction with a floor clearance of at least 300 mm – in canteens, hospitals, care facilities and anywhere where performance and durability count.

The Premium-Line modules are made of CNS and are linked with U-shaped channels, profile coverings and all-in-one, joint-free worktops – well-blended, generously-large worktops that are easy to clean after a hard working day. A total of 112 free-standing and 78 wall installation models – from pressure boiling pans to pressure bratt pans and boiling pans with a net capacity of up to 500 litres (and also for various types of heating) are ideal for practicians. The price is right, the food tastes good – and investing in exemplary design, perfect functionality and ergonomic and hygienic features will pay off in the long run.

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Combi-Line 750

Everything blends.

Unequalled flexibility. Well-planned construction and equipment. Individuality down to the finest detail. The Combi-line offers hard-to-beat combination variations, performance and multi-functionality in modern institutional catering. A professional kitchen range for electrical or gas operation, offering the ideal appliances for any concept. Space-saving modules with a construction depth of 750 mm, to be replaced or extended at any time. Six installation variations and joint-free connection of all of the modules are only a few of the practical aspects of "a principle ideal". All of the elements can be connected by an all-in-one worktop if required, resulting in a well-blended, hygienic surface for creative, pleasant and efficient working. With any appliance, for any group of guests, for medium-sized and smaller kitchens.

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Single appliances

Something for specialists.

With its comprehensive range of specially-developed individual appliances, Küppersbusch offers ideal supplements for sophisticated professional kitchens. Modern slot-in pressure steamers ensure that you can react both professionally and casually to peak capacity times. The innovative, powerful Vario mixer kettles take on even the heaviest of tasks and traditional dwarf boilers provide additional cooking capacity in no time at all. Specialisation does not mean that the individual appliances do not have the typical Küppersbusch features: first-class workmanship, easy handling and absolute durability.

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