Day-care centres & school meals

The catering concepts at day-care centres and schools are being expanded and the requirements are very different from those in other environments. From kitchens managed in-house to the re-heating kitchen for external suppliers, you'll find it all. A high level of flexibility is important for the future as well as the adjustment of the kitchen to suit existing spaces that were not necessarily designed for a kitchen in the first place. This is where kitchen appliances that make good use of the limited space on offer really come into their own. Such as the CombiLine 750 series, for example. For there is more to it than just flexible combination options. It also saves a great deal of space with its installation depth of just 750 mm. Combined with a small ConvectAirS, the kitchen quickly becomes an all-rounder.

Aqua day-care centre, Nürnberg, Germany
Trade school, Würzburg, Germany
Day-care centre Sonnenschein, Zeulenroda, Germany
Schullandheim Torfhaus, Altenau, Germany
Meals are cooked upon PremiumLine 850 devices: Gas tilting bratt pans FGP 910 and FGP 610, Gasblower fast boiling kettle FLS 150
Otto-Hahn-School, Hamburg, Germany
ComiLine 750 devices at work: Fast boiling kettle OES 060, multi-purpose pan OEP 230, gas range OGH 410
Rudolf-Steiner-School, Hamburg, Germany
Drawehn School, Clenze, Germany
Elisabeth-Knipping-School, Kassel,Germany
School & nursery caterer "Drei Köche", Berlin, Germany
School & nursery caterer "Drei Köche", Berlin, Germany