Homes for the elderly and nursing homes

It is a growing market that is facing ever-increasing challenges. Different levels of care, new living and catering concepts and the individual habits of residents require a high level of flexibility. Thinking long-term, expanding in the medium-term or adapting in the short-term – with Küppersbusch, you have a team on your side that not only provides optimal advice, but also has precisely the products you need in their portfolio, which fit perfectly into your concept. Whether large central kitchens or compact ward kitchens.

Caritas, Arnsberg, Germany
CURANUM Seniorenstift, Timmendorf, Germany
DRK (German Red Cross), Gartow, Germany
Haus am Königsmoor, Oyten, Germany
Retirement home, Grasleben, Germany
Caritas nursing home St. Ludwig, Ansbach, Germany
Nursing home "Haus an der Rott", Pocking, Germany
Nursing home Martha Maria, Eckental, Germany
Nursing home Martha Maria, Eckental, Germany