Hotels & Restaurants

Whether a small restaurant, modern franchise concepts or a club hotel with themed restaurants. Küppersbusch always offers the right tools to inspire your guests. The CombiLine 750, with its shallow installation depth, is ideal for small kitchens. The individually designed Palmarium cooking units with jointless worktops are ideal for restaurants with an open kitchen. And for a real cooking experience, there are front cooking units, such as the ConvectAirS, which sit perfectly in a large kitchen, with the CombiLine 750 in the background.

Restaurant "Rheinterrassen" in Mannheim, Germany
Restaurant Braaker Krug, Hamburg, Germany
Gasthaus zum Elbblick, Otterndorf, Germany
Landgasthaus Specht in Egge, Aerzen, Germany
Trihotel, Rostock, Germany
Restaurant Goldener Anker, Dorsten, Germany
The chef of the restaurant Kaskade relies on professional food service equipment of Küppersbusch.
Restaurant Kaskade, Veitshöchheim, Germany
A PalmariumPure is installed in the Hotel Heidegrund. The Plamarium contains devices of the PremiumLine 850.
Hotel Heidegrund, Garrel, Germany
The electronic device control KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence - KCI - is used in the kitchen of Cafe Rudolf's in Stuttgart, Germany
Cafe Rudolf's, Stuttgart, Germany
Küppersbusch delivered a PalmariumStyle which contains devices of the CombiLine 750.
Restaurant Rebland in the Europa Park Golfclub Breisgau, Germany
The steaks are grilled upon a Charco-Grill from the series CombiLine 750.
Steakhouse You like it, Remshalden, Germany
Café Rosengarten, Bamberg, Germany
Restaurant Il Cappuccino at Designer Outlet Soltau, Germany
Maybachmuseum, Neumarkt, Germany
Country hotel Michels, Maxhütte, Germany
Provent Hotel, Neumarkt, Germany
Provent Hotel, Neumarkt, Germany
Wine tavern Juliusspital, Würzburg, Germany
Indoor playground Wichtelwerk, Munich, Germany
Indoor playground Wichtelwerk, Munich, Germany
Bunte Kuh, Helgoland, Germany