Tilting bratt pans

Tilting bratt pan FEP 911 of the PremiumLine 850 Classic

DUPLEX NON-STICK tilting bratt pans

  • Appliance for frying and braising
  • Different sizes available - from 53 to 220 litres usable capacity
  • Double-walled lid, spring-released and balanced as a standard
  • Thermostatic temperature control regulated with controlknobs
  • Pan base made of a material compound with analuminium core, plated on both sides with stainless steel (DUPLEX-NON-STICK base)
  • Cleaning-friendly hygiene axles
  • Motor tilting function with fast return
  • Bottom unit as an KHS hygienic model
  • Accurate pouring, pan emptied via integrated discharge spout
  • Contactor as a standard

DUPLEX NON-STICK tilting bratt pans overview.pdf