The Latest Generation of KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence Fully connected, future-proof and manufacturer independent

The professional kitchen of the future is digital! The trend towards “Kitchen 4.0” and the “Internet of Things” (IOT) – which connects all major kitchen appliances and allows them to communicate digitally – is in full swing.

Kitchen 4.0 opens up a wealth of new opportunities for optimising quality and processes.


Current and future examples include:

  • Assurance of quality standards thanks to the monitoring and visualisation of processes within the kitchen
  • HACCP – Safety thanks to documentation of the entire supply chain
  • Environment – Protection of resources thanks to connection between building technology and control for energy consumption levels
  • Ideal for service and maintenance as appliances can report malfunctions or log preventive maintenance requirements with Service team
  • Cost streamlining thanks to the integration of material management systems and reduction of food losses due to standardised cooking processes
  • Competitive advantages thanks to efficient cost savings

However, up until recently, the problem has been that appliances made by different brands were not compatible with one another.


The solution:

September 2018 saw the publication of DIN SPEC 18898 / OPC UA  – the future standard for the entire kitchen. As a result, all appliances within one network are able to speak the same language regardless of their manufacturer.


Küppersbusch is one of the first manufacturers of large-scale catering technology to have integrated the new standard for the communication interface DIN SPEC 18898 / OPC UA into its product line PremiumLine 850.

All Küppersbusch appliances with KCI 4.0 support this standard and can therefore be connected quickly and easily to modern control systems in large-scale catering kitchens.

Available for 50 different types of devices and over 200 device variants

For all types of heating

KCI 4.0 - The uniform electronic control

Anyone who prepares dishes for large numbers of guests, not only has to be creative, they need to be efficient as well. And they need outstanding technology they can rely on at all times. Technology that is intelligent and is so efficient when it comes to operation and performance that the catering team can concentrate on what really matters: The cooking.

  • Stress-free, speedy working thanks to intelligent menus
  • Easy-to-understand icons for every function
  • Pre-programmed cooking temperatures: Freely adjustable target temperature plus the option to choose between three pre-set heating levels
  • Constant overview of temperatures: The target and current temperatures are on display throughout the cooking process
  • Automatic water filling: Simple method for filling pots and pans with water thanks to quantity-controlled automatic filling
  • Cooking end time: Visual and acoustic signal following completion of the active cooking time
  • Additional cooking time: Once the time-controlled cooking processes are over, they can be extended quickly and easily using the additional cooking time function
  • Cleaning: Built-in semi-automatic cleaning function, can be selected directly after switching on
  • High standard of hygiene: 4 mm safety glass, seamless integration into the surface, resistant to grease and vapours
  • Hassle-free operation: Even with greasy fingers or gloves


Manufacturer-independent connectivity thanks to advanced communication interface

Simple updates: Software updates via USB stick. Plug in stick – Press update icon – Done



A safe way to work: 15-second screen lock to clean the display

Automatic HACCP logs for each cooking process: Cooking temperature progression is saved in KCI 4.0 and can be exported as a PDF file via USB stick

Quick and simple to read: Type plate, current software version, service contact data and maintenance intervals

In a nutshell: Access to error logs via USB stick

Data security

The topic of connected kitchens opens up issues concerning data security and management, particularly when it comes to GDPR.

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us.

Küppersbusch has no interest in documenting your data in a Cloud. We also don’t want to force you into a solution for evaluating your kitchen data. That’s why we give you the hardware and leave the rest to you.

With KCI 4.0, Küppersbusch provides you with an interface in the appliance but you do not need an Internet connection to every appliance or Cloud. As a result, your kitchen data can be evaluated on-site on your server.

After all, your data belongs to you!

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