Dealer seminars

  • Kitchen concepts from a single source 
  • theoretically or practically possible 
  • Specialist or generalist 
  • which partner do you need? 
  • How important are alternatives to the success of your work? 
  • From sheet metal to professional kitchen technology 
  • how are standard and customised devices made? 
  • 128 chickens in 35 minutes at the push of a button - how is that possible? 
  • Interesting evening event! - 20 dealers, many questions - which answer? 

Have you ever wanted an answer to these questions? 

You can find the answers at our professional kitchen dealer seminar, over a period of one and a half days.

For date inquiries, please contact:

Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Training Centre
Küppersbuschstr. 2
45883 Gelsenkirchen
Phone: +49 209 / 401 244
Fax: +49 209 / 401 539


Seminar location: 

Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik GmbH Training Centre 

Küppersbuschstr. 2, Entrance on Fürstinnenstraße 

45883 Gelsenkirchen

No events available.