Automatic shallow fryers

  • continuous automatic fryers for frying meat and fish and for producing baked potato products in a continuous operation mode
  • 2 pans on top of one another
  • 2 separately-controlled heating zones for each pan
  • food moved forward with feeder bars
  • progressively adjustable processing speed
  • progressively adjustable fat level
  • food portions automatically turned
  • electronic temperature control with a digital display and RS485 interface
  • control cabinet included, 800 x 300 mm, for installation on site
  • 1 oil recycling trolley made of nickel-chromium steel with an electrical heating system and circulation pump
  • slide and draining line to automatically eject the food
  • discharge extension, e.g. for fried fish
  • outer casing and the cover panels completely made of nickel-chromium steel AISI 304
  • cleaning scraper as standard equipment
  • height-adjustable feet

Automatic shallow fryer.pdf