BeefCraft 800 degree steak grill

[Translate to Englisch:] BeefCraft 800 Grad Grill für das perfekte Steak

The 800 °C steak grill for the perfect steak

  • Crispy outer, tender meat and full taste
  • Multi-purpose: for all kinds of meat (e.g. Tomahawks), fish, crustaceans, vegetable etc.
  • Efficient and ergonomic through stacked rest zone for meat, fish and co.
  • Available in two sizes: BeefCraft and BeefCraft+

Crispy outer, tender meat

With the brand new BeefCraft grill, Küppersbusch is putting an 800 degree first class grill on the market – desperately looked for by the professional chef’s world! The extremely high temperatures on the surface of the grilled food lead to caramelisation thus giving a crispy outer and tender, juicy meat inside. Thanks to sophisticated technique and maximum power the 800 degree BeefCraft+ grill can cook up to 16 entrecotes or other pieces of meat simultaneously and grant perfect results, be it »rare«, »medium« or »well done«.

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BeefCraft+: the 800 °C grill can easily accommodate up to 18 steaks at the same time

Also for vegetarians

Tuna rare

Juicy burger