CombiLine 750

  • Modular cooking technology for small and medium-sized professional kitchens (up to approx. 250 meals)
  • ideal for catering and hotel industry
  • 750 mm depth
  • space saving, efficient and highly productive
  • excellent value for money
  • high standard of hygiene thanks to standard H2 finish
  • Palmarium (as an option)

DUPLEX NON-STICK Technology for Frying Equipment

  • the special surface structure prevents meat, fish or other frying food from sticking
  • excellent heat distribution through three-layer composite material inside the pan base
  • exceptionally even frying results – even when fully loaded
  • extremely strong and durable stainless steel frying surface
  • consistently smooth pan base – even under extreme stress due to temperature shocks
PERMAPRESS technology for boiling pans

PERMAPRESS Technology for kettles

  • little effort to install, since no separate soft water connection is necessary
  • easy operation, long life, low cost
  • short heating up times, powerful cooking
  • fully automatic, self-regulating system
  • low maintenance (no calcification)


  • CombiLine Appliances with All-In-One Worktop
  • space-saving appliance connection, no further connecting parts required
  • flexibly allow for gas and/or electric appliances
  • single or double row layout, according to requirements