Frying Plates, Charco Grills

[Translate to Englisch:] Gas-DUPLEX-ANTIHAFT-Bratplatte

DUPLEX NON-STICK frying plates

  • multifunctional appliance for frying and braising
  • deep basin, seamlessly welded into the top, 65 mm deep
  • pan made of nickel-chromium steel AISI 304, ideal heat distribution, shock-resistant
  • closeable discharge shaft, Ø 50 mm

Gas DUPLEX NON-STICK frying plates.pdf

[Translate to Englisch:] Gas-Charcogrills

Charco grills

  • grilling grids made of nickel-chromium steel AISI 304, available in 4 different designs as V-grid, Z-grid, round grid, strip grid
  • height-adjustable grilling grids
  • burner with progressively-adjustable temperature control, pilot flame and thermoelectric flame failure device
  • Piezo igniter
  • 1 grid (of choice) per grilling zone, standard

Gas charco grills.pdf