Tilting Bratt Pan

[Translate to Englisch:] Gas-DUPLEX-ANTIHAFT-Kippbratpfanne GN 2/1

DUPLEX NON-STICK tilting bratt pan GN 2/1

  • multifunctional appliance for frying, braising, cooking, steaming
  • motor tilting function with fast return
  • without side legs
  • double-walled lid, spring-released and balanced
  • deep basin, seamlessly welded into the top, 630 x 510 x 170 mm
  • pan made of nickel-chromium steel AISI 304, ideal heat distribution, shock-resistant
  • 2 separate heating zones
  • protective temperature limit, switch-off on tilting
  • accurate pouring, pan emptied via integrated discharge spout
  • lower unit closed
  • can accommodate GN containers with a max. depth of 150 mm

Gas DUPLEX NON-STICK tilting bratt pan.pdf