Innovative and highly flexible

  • highly flexible in terms of size, installation and configuration
  • the right size for any need: GN 1/1 or GN 2/1 with 6, 10 or 20 shelf runners, or also as 16 x GN 1/1 for even more flexibility
  • door hinge of tabletop appliances easily changed from left to right at any time
  • available as electric Expert or Professional models and gas Professional models.
  • Optional hybrid steam system

The ConvectAir+ with a colour touch panel on an Android™* basis

  • specify cooking modes, temperatures and times manually – simply and quickly
  • consistently good cooking results with cooking programs; start straight away with 170 tried-and-tested programs, pre-set at the factory
  • unique: develop cooking programs very simply with the ConvectAir+ App for Android on your tablet and transfer them to any ConvectAir+ Professional with a USB stick
  • select a product and set your chosen result: AutoCooking automatically chooses the right cooking process
  • perfect results with ClimaPerfect: humidity control from 0 % to 100 % with integrated humidity sensors
  • cook up to two different products simultaneously on each level, to turn out just as you want them to with the help of the LevelTimer
  • cooking programs, HACCP protocols and software updates: always up-to-date with a USB port

ConvectAir+ steam systems

Fresh steam generation in the oven

  • standard fittings in ConvectAir+
  • steam is made available spontaneously, and guarantees that food does not dry out

Hybrid steam system

  • always full steam: two top-grade steam systems in a single appliance
  • the benefits of fresh steam generation in the oven and those of an additional steam generator are ideally combined
  • save on standby costs: the hybrid steam system only activates the steam generator for selected cooking methods
  • steaming with saturated steam or combination cooking with an ideal steam content - the ConvectAir+ hybrid steam system always gets it just right

TurboDrive cleaning system

  • cleaned fully automatically with the TurboDrive cleaning system
  • 5 cleaning programs adapted to needs, with water and liquid dispensed automatically
  • practical, reliable and hygienic to handle, economical in use

* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
** The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
*** Compared to cleaning cartridges (according to manufacturers‘ price lists in 2013).