Mixer kettles

Universal and powerful

  • ideal for production and catering kitchens. Large quantities produced with minimal effort
  • net content from 80 to 500 Liters.
  • perfect for Cook & Chill: Cooking to set temperature of your products then in the same vessel automatic chilling with mixing arm active to reach your preset temperature quickly
  • versatilely usable with 10 pre-installed program runs
  • automatically cook even delicate products such as dairy foods
  • meets Occupational Healt and Safety standards with 2 different pouring heights: VEH with 600 mm and VEL 400 mm tilting heights


  • all in one device: Cooking, stirring, chopping, whipping, re-cooling (fast chilling)
  • prepare demanding and labour-intensive products quite easily and automatically
  • versatile, with a variable stirring speed of 5-155 min - 1* (e.g., fresh mashed potatoes, Bolognese sauce, stews, dairy food, mousse, jam or dough)
  • various mixer and cleaning tools made of durable and light-weight stainless steel are included

* 5 – 140 min-1 with VEL/ VNL 402 and VEL/ VNL 502


  • ergonomic tilting height 600 mm (with VEH): Simply place trolleys (e.g. from the butcher) under the mixer kettle and empty the contents into it
  • high-performance cooling: from 90 °C to + 3 °C in just 50 minutes (with the VEH / VNH 102)
  • high-capacity with 120 °C maximum operating temperature
  • production with closed lid ensures good space and working environment. The maximum outside temperature of the device casing is below 40 °C (after 3 hours cooking time). The top edge of the device is unheated
  • flexible set up: Attach control column optionally right or left; space-saving duo set up with centre column possible
  • low noise: below 55 dB
  • automatic cleaning: easy cleaning tool, add water and soap and start the program

Electronic comfort control

  • quickly ready for use thanks to 6 pre-set mixing programs
  • versatilely usable with 10 pre-installed program runs
  • easy to use: electronic control of the food temperature, electronic water meter with drip-free water supply, automatic water fi lling level system
  • password lockout protects against unauthorised access
  • temperature can be set either in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Cook & Chill

  • fully automatic: first cook, then re-cool and keep refrigerated (Chill and Hold)
  • fast chilling without annoying refi lling in GN containers
  • mixing tool and the customized mixing mode always guarantee homogeneous food
  • tilting function makes it easy to extract the cooked and cooled products
  • mixing kettles can be connected to various cooling systems depending on your requirements