PremiumLine 850

  • Modular cooking technology for medium and large professional kitchens (from approx. 250 meals onwards)
  • ideal for large-scale catering establishments and employee restaurants
  • 850 mm depth
  • solid, compact and high performance
  • high standard of hygiene
  • Palmarium - All-in-one worktops (as an option)
  • many appliances equipped as standard with KCI 4.0

KCI 4.0 - Fully connected and future-proof

The latest generation of KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence

  • Control all cooking processes easily with just one finger
  • Equipped with a data interface in accordance to DIN SPEC 18898 / OPC-UA
  • Manufacturer-independent connectivity
  • HACCP protocol per cooking process as PDF download
  • Name plate data can be read directly from the screen
  • Maintenance interval display informs at the right time
  • Transfer updates for KCI 4.0 via USB stick to the device
  • Screen lock for cleaning
  • Error log as PDF for download
  • Stress-free an fast work due to the intelligent device control with a sophisticated menu navigation
  • high hygiene factor: 4 mm safety glass, seamlessly integrated into the surface, resistant to greases and fumes
  • available for many appliances (kettles, pans, fryers)

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GAS BLOWER Technology

  • actively counteract increasing electricity costs and fully exploit the advantages of low gas prices
  • high efficiency: up to 60 % higher efficiency than standard appliances
  • eco-friendly cooking with low CO2 emissions
  • available for numerous appliances

DUPLEX NON-STICK Technology for Frying Equipment

  • the special surface structure prevents meat, fish or other frying food from sticking
  • excellent heat distribution through four-layer composite material inside the pan base
  • exceptionally even frying results – even when fully loaded
  • extremely strong and durable stainless steel frying surface
  • consistently smooth pan base – even under extreme stress due to temperature shocks
PERMAPRESS technology for boiling pans

PERMAPRESS Technology for Boiling Pans

  • little effort to install, since no separate soft water connection is necessary
  • easy operation, long life, low cost
  • short heating up times, powerful cooking
  • fully automatic, self-regulating system
  • low maintenance (no calcification)