Multifunctional tilting bratt pan:

Perfect preparation of all kind of meals

Rapidly heating up – gentle cooking mode for sensitive food

Rapidly heating up, smart reheating and constant temperatures make sure that your food will be perfect. With the gentle cooking mode, even sensitive food is successfully prepared.
The multifunctional tilting bratt pans from Küppersbusch are all-rounders for any situation. You can even leave milk unattended, without stirring,  spilling or sticking to the base.

The new generation of  multifunctional tilting bratt pans – versatile, flexible, efficient

Gentle cooking



But these are by no means all of the strong points in support of a new  FEP 650 or FEP 950.

The multifunctional tilting bratt pans from Küppersbusch have to offer a lot more.

  • Consistently perfect cooking results in the entire pan
  • Automatic reheating on heat drop
  • Variable adjustment of the heating performance – outstandingly suitable for sous vide cooking and big pieces of meat
  • High energy efficiency – 66 % more performance at a lower energy consumption
  • Shorter time for preparation due to rapid heating up – in only 
  • 4,5 minutes to 230 °C (approved according to DIN 18857-1)
  • The  DUPLEX-NON-STICK pan prevents from sticking of fish, meat and dairy food  to the base.

Easy to use

From the choice of programme to the cleaning 
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Seamless combination

Your kitchen concept decides 
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